4 February 2016 I visited Dr Y C Wee at his home and took several pictures of some of the many plants he grows. Dr Wee is a retired professor of botany at NUS who also founded and runs the Bird Ecology Study Group (BESG). It was interesting to hear about some wildlife encounters he’s had over the years. Thanks for your hospitality YC!

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5 November 2015 I visited Pulau Ubin with Ji Young and Victoria that afternoon, after a brief spell of rain. As luck or fate would have it, we made the acquaintance of Nicholas, an Ubin resident, who was kind enough to take us round the island! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Nick!

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7 December 2014 I stayed at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel for 2 nights and visited their famed infinity pool on the 57th floor and observation deck, where you can get stunning 360° views of the surrounding Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Flyer, Central Business District, and even outlying islands!

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25 November 2014 I visited the Peranakan Museum and Asian Civilisations Museum with a friend that day. These are some of the exhibits.

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pmacm01pmacm02pmacm03pmacm04          pmacm05 pmacm06 pmacm07 pmacm08 pmacm09 pmacm10 pmacm11 pmacm12 pmacm13 pmacm14 pmacm15 pmacm16 pmacm17 pmacm24 pmacm25 pmacm26 pmacm27pmacm28pmacm29pmacm30pmacm31pmacm32pmacm33

4 February 2014 A friend from Sweden visited Singapore, and on this day my mother and I took him to the Botanic Gardens. Here are some things we saw.

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botanicgardens1 botanicgardens2 botanicgardens3 botanicgardens4 botanicgardens5 botanicgardens6 botanicgardens7 botanicgardens8 botanicgardens10 botanicgardens11

17 January 2014 I visited my friend who lives in Ang Mo Kio that night and took some photos of the relatively new HDB blocks there, as well as the nearby Bishan Park, whose canals have now been nicely landscaped!

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amkbishan1 amkbishan2 amkbishan3 amkbishan4 amkbishan5

10-17 July 2013 Photos of Singapore and Penang from the plane.

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plane01 plane02 plane03 plane04 plane05 plane06 plane07 plane08 plane09

3 May 2013 I shot these while visiting the town centre nearest my home. This reminds me of what Singapore used to be like in the ’80s. I probably like that period best of all. This place wasn’t so densely populated back then, and though things were less “advanced” as they are now, life was better because we had more space and less competition for resources.

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mysingapore5 mysingapore4 mysingapore6 mysingapore1 mysingapore3 mysingapore2 mysingapore7

29 April 2013 – Shot these while out buying food one night.

nightdrive1 nightdrive3 nightdrive2 nightdrive4

27 April 2013 – Stills I took when an episode of “The Awakening” (“雾锁南洋”) aired on TV in the afternoon as a tribute to Huang Wenyong (黄文永), who passed away last Saturday. “The Awakening” was the first local Chinese drama serial I watched… back in 1984 when I was 5 years old! Huang Wenyong was among the first local actors I came to know of. 愿你在天之灵安息!

huangwenyong5 huangwenyong4 huangwenyong3 huangwenyong2 huangwenyong1

10 March 2013 – Views from my apartment, after the rain.

lookingout4 lookingout2 lookingout3 lookingout1

15 January 2013 – Visited my friend‘s garden again and took more photos of his plants. I ended up trying a banana from one of his banana trees! Delicious! Thanks HQ!


11 December 2012 Visited a friend‘s garden and took some photos of his plants. More to come soon, hopefully…


18 March 2012 Various bits and pieces from my study room, mainly the walls. All the items are snailmail sends from my friends and penpals.

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11 November 2011 Seafood in a local supermarket near my place. Nobody was buying it. The amount of wastage that occurs on a daily basis throughout our world is beyond lamentable.

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